Referral/Appeal/Portfolio Process

New legislation requires all school districts in Washington State to implement universal screening at two grade levels, utilizing at least two student data points. The purpose of universal screening and this legislation is to include students who traditionally are not referred for highly capable programs and services. With this change in mind, Lake Washington School District will be moving to reviewing a body of evidence for all students considered for highly capable services. This change allows the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee (MSC), whose function is to review multiple data points, to determine each student’s need for highly capable services.

In accordance with new Washington State Law, LWSD is implementing the following changes for 2023-24 HiCap referral process:

  • Universal screening of 1st and 5th graders. No need to actively refer your student!
    • Families have the ability to opt out of universal screening through Skyward
  • Students from all other grades (K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th) can be conveniently referred for highly capable service consideration in Skyward 
  • The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) will review all available data at one time. 
    • Unlike previous years, students will no longer be removed from the process based on a “screener” score. All students who are referred or are part of the universal screener will have their body of evidence reviewed. 
    • More information about a student’s body of evidence can be found on Identification Assessments