Progress Monitoring

Highly Capable progress monitoring procedures 

Parents/guardians and staff members in the Accelerated Programs department have the option to initiate an intervention team meeting when it is deemed necessary to help support students both academically and social-emotionally in the program that is providing services to the student.

Step 1: School level SIT (Student Intervention Team) meeting 

  • The purpose of the meeting will be to: 
    • Discuss strengths and areas of concern for student 
    • Review Tier 1 and/or 2 strategies that have been implemented  
    • Identify and document additional measurable Tier 1 & 2 interventions to address growth areas needed. 
    • Monitor and document student progress over 4-6 weeks for full Tier 1 & 2 implementation cycle. 

Step 2: Follow-up guidance meeting with district Accelerated Programs participation  

  • The purpose of the meeting will be to review student progress as a result of first implementation cycle and determine whether Tier 2 intervention cycles are appropriate to support student growth.  
  • Meeting outcomes:  
    • If primary interventions have been met, team can set additional measurable interventions as needed that will be monitored and documented (Cyclical: return to step 1). 
    • If interventions have not been met after Tier 1 designated timeline, implement Tier 2 implementation cycle with more intensive interventions over a timeline of 4-6 weeks. 
    • Team schedules follow-up meeting to discuss progress towards interventions and determine if progression toward Step 3 is necessary.  

Step 3: Determination guidance team with district level participation 

  • The purpose of the meeting will be to review evidentiary support and determine if student services will continue, change, or be discontinued. 
    • If appropriate, student may be placed in a different level of service (ex.Pull-out Quest, K5HC, differentiation in the general education classroom).  
      • Should the student wish to re-enter or change determined level of service in the future, the student will participate in the school based MTSS process in direct partnership with an Accelerated Programs department representative.