Eligibility Criteria

Student Identification Process for LWSD Highly Capable Services  

Please note that Fastbridge Winter assessment and scores have been removed from the eligibility matrix and testing process.

Based on state guidelines for identifying highly capable students, Lake Washington School District uses multiple criteria to determine placement. Applicants must: 

  • Be current enrolled students of Lake Washington School District  
  • Demonstrate high cognitive ability and high academic achievement in both literacy and math  
  • Go through the District’s highly capable assessment process for selection (Private testing outside of the school district cannot be used to substitute for Lake Washington School District testing)  
  • Complete the online application and comply with all requests for permission for assessment and placement  

Student Identification Criteria for LWSD Highly Capable Services  

Eligibility is determined by a student’s body of evidence and criteria differs for each program. The qualifications from last year have been updated to reflect more inclusive practices. Criteria may be updated on an annual basis.  

The District uses multiple objective criteria to identify students who are among the most highly capable. Private testing results are not accepted.

Information about the identification criteria for LWSD’s Highly Capable Services can be found on the Accelerated Programs website by clicking the Placement tab below.