Change of Service & Opting Out of Service

Lake Washington School District remains committed to ensuring the continuation of high-quality services for all students, including our students in need of highly capable services. 

Washington state recently passed new laws governing highly capable services. New legislation will require all districts in Washington to update their language and processes around eligibility to meet these mandates. Our department has always worked closely with OSPI to align its practices to mandates and guidance from the state. 

Information on our website has been updated to ensure compliancy with the new laws. Updates will be made to our website as additional guidance is provided by OSPI.

LWSD students who opt out of highly capable services, or who change their level of service, may request to return to their original service level. All requests will be reviewed by the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee. 

Private school and homeschool students who deferred services will not be returned to services and must participate in the current referral process.