Appeal Process

Highly Capable assessment criteria are applied equitably to all applicants. Appeals for reconsideration of students who have not met the eligibility criteria are reviewed by the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee after notification of screening results and after notification of the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee placement decision. 

  • Appeals must be based upon a specific criteria related to the screening/testing conditions, or to a misapplication or miscalculation of the scores. Appeals outside of this criteria will not be processed. Examples of the criteria are as follows:

    Examples of Appeals 

    (These are typically documented by the proctors) 

    Not Accepted for Appeals 

    A fire alarm went off during the test at my child's building.

    External factors such as lack of sleep, hunger, family stress, etc. are not considered. 
    There was a building-wide power outage that interferes with the testing process. Parent, community member, and classroom teacher recommendations are not considered per state law. 
    Computer student is testing on malfunctioned. Typical classroom activity and noise levels are to be expected during testing. An absolutely silent environment should not be expected. 
    An incorrect date of birth/grade/name is reported on the score report. Family/teacher/student expectations do not align with the student's scores.
      Student self-report of the testing experience does not align with the outcome (student says they don't think they missed any questions).
      Requesting recalculation of scores based only on the fact that the student scores did not meet thresholds.
      My child was ill at the time of testing.
      I was not informed of the exact day and time my child would be taking the HiCap assessments.
  • Appeals must be submitted to the Accelerated Programs Office through this link within 10 calendar days of notification of results.
  • The decision of the appeal from the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) is final and will be emailed to appeal requestors. 
  • If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the Accelerated Programs office at 425-936-1238 or email