Lake Washington School District jointly with the Lake Washington Education Association are releasing pertinent information and details related to secondary educational offerings for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  

The District and Association have a shared agreement that secondary students need to be offered access to in-person experiences. Dr. Holmen stated, “We need to ensure that any secondary student who wants an in-person experience is afforded that opportunity.” He went on to say, “Our adolescent youth are experiencing this pandemic in many different ways. We need to be responsive to those needs and be creative in how we address the varying needs across our district.” 


Lake Washington School District jointly with Lake Washington Education Association are excited to release pertinent details for the second through fifth grades elementary learning model transition to in-person or continued remote learning services. We happily welcomed kindergarten and first grade on February 18. Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent stated, “We appreciate the partnership with all stakeholders to successfully transition our Kindergarten and First grade students to their new learning models. We are grateful to be able to provide both in-person and remote learning services for our students.” Dr. Holmen went on to say, “As a District we continue to be committed to the highest of health and safety standards for our students and staff.”

Scholastic Art & Writing Award logo

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) students have always excelled in art and writing, and this year is no different. Thirty-five LWSD students were recognized during this year’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Between all the LWSD schools that participated, students earned 10 gold keys, 19 silver keys and 33 honorable mentions.



    Accelerated Programs

    Teacher helping student on laptop in computer lab.

    CogAT screening

    Due to issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic, including continuously changing health and safety environment guidelines, in-person assessments will not be administered this year. Instead, we are moving to remote online testing for the current eligibility cycle. As part of the eligibility screening process, the CogAT screener will be administered in January 2021. Below is an overview of the CogAT screener for all applicants, as well as LWSD 1st grade students.

    • All assessments given online (similar to SBA)
    • Universal screening for current LWSD 1st graders (January 2021) administered remotely by classroom teachers using Teams. Elementary sites determine specific dates within the screening window.
    • 2020-21 Applicants screening – tentative dates below
      • Private/home school students – January 2021    
      • LWSD students in 5th grade applicants – January 2021 
      • LWSD students in 6th and 7th grade applicants – January 2021
      • LWSD students in K, 2-4 applicants – January 2021

    Families will be sent information via email specific to their student’s test event including date, time, and technology requirements for completing the assessment.

    Students who meet the screening criteria will receive email notification from the Accelerated Programs Department regarding next steps in the eligibility process. Notifications are anticipated to be emailed to families two to three weeks after screening is complete. The email address continues to be the most efficient method of communication with our department. 

    Update regarding the highly capable application process for the 2021-22 school year

    The application window for highly capable services closed on November 30, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. after being open for almost six weeks. We do not accept late applications. Families are encouraged to apply in the fall of 2021 if they are still interested in the highly capable services. Between the application deadline and the actual testing there is a large amount of document processing and scheduling that occurs. The testing company also has deadlines we need to adhere to in order for testing to be completed prior to moving on to the second round of testing.  

    As with all things across the district, COVID-19 has required us to make several changes to our normal practices, one example would be the application window. We were not able to set up specific dates for assessments as the company that provides our assessments did not have a remote option ready for use at the beginning of the school year. We postponed our application window until we were sure we would be able to complete the assessments and eligibility given the current remote requirements. 

    Due to the delay, we chose to increase the application window from twenty days to six weeks. During that time, we posted information in the local online newspapers, added information to all of the district webpage banners, included information in the bimonthly parent communication newsletter, and updated our webpage regularly as our plans continued to solidify. Families that reached out to the Accelerated Programs department for information and updates were continuously encouraged to check our webpage for the most current information.

    To date, we have scheduled all LWSD first grade students to take the CogAT screener in January and families have been notified of assigned date and time. We will continue to schedule screening for private school and LWSD kindergarten, and second thru fourth grade students. Please watch your email for more information. 

    Lake Washington School District provides accelerated academic programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. These programs are designed to meet the learning styles and needs of students with exceptional intellectual, academic, and creative abilities.

    Contact Accelerated Programs

    Phone: 425-936-1238
    Fax: 425-936-1325
    Department email:

    Accelerated Programs Staff
    Becky Kadrmas, Director
    Janette Cimburek, Administrative Supervisor
    Amanda Olson, Administrative Professional
    Jennifer Rusch, Administrative Professional
    Britt Galen, Accelerated Programs Psychologist
    Crystal Batlle, Instructional Specialist

    Mailing address:
    Lake Washington School District
    Accelerated Programs Office
    P.O. Box 97039
    Redmond, WA 98073

    Lake Washington School District Resource Center
    16250 N.E. 74th Street
    Redmond, WA 98052

    For a complete list of Accelerated Programs staff, please visit the Highly Capable Programs Staff Directory.

    Gifted Education Advisory Council (GEAC)
    Gifted Education Advisory Council is a parent-led committee that supports the gifted education program in Lake Washington School District.