Set Up Skyward Mobile App

STEP 1:  Get your Skyward Login and Password. If you already know your Login and Password, go to STEP 2.

  1. On your phone, open your browser and go to FAMILY.LAKEWASHINGTON.WA-K12.NET
  2. Tap on “Forgot your login / password?” Enter the email address you have on file with your student’s school. Tap “Submit.”  Click “OK.”
  3. Check your email. Open the email from “Forgotten Login/Password Assistance.”
  4. Write down your Login. This is your Skyward username. It is usually the first 5 letters of your last name followed by the first 3 letters of your first name followed by 3 numbers like ‘000’ (zero, zero, zero).
  5. Tap on the link in the email to reset your account password.
  6. Think of a password that is 10-15 characters long. Include at least one letter, one number and one special character like “!”, “@”, “#”. (Here is an example of a password – “Bienvenid0s!”) Type your new password. Type it again to confirm your new password. Tap “Submit.” 

STEP 2:  Download the Skyward Family Access app

  1. On your phone, search for the “Skyward Family Access” app. Download the app.
  2. Locate District by District Name – “Lake Washington School District Redmond, WA”
  3. Select Product.  Tap on “School and Business Management, Family, Student, Teacher, and Employees.”
  4. Enter your Login.
  5. Enter your Password. Tap “Save.”
  6. Enter your Passcode, a 4 digit security PIN that you will use moving forward so you don’t have to always enter your login and password. Confirm your 4 digit passcode by entering it again.
  7. Select “After 10 minutes” when prompted for Passcode Settings.
  8. Select the “Mobile” Account (cell phone symbol).
  9. You are now logged in to Skyward.

Next time you login, select the Skyward app on your phone and enter your 4 digit passcode.

Skyward mobile app logo