Monitor Progress Towards High School Graduation

Skyward Family Access: Graduation Requirements (Grades 9-12)

Students and families can monitor progress towards high school graduation requirements. There is a tab called “Graduation Requirements” on the left menu in Student and Family Access. After opening this menu you will see a list of the coursework requirements. We suggest first looking at four columns to help you interpret the information:

  1. Required: This is how many credits must be completed in a specific area.
  2. Complete: This is how many credits the student has completed and is on the transcript.
  3. In Progress:  This is how many credits the student is enrolled in during the current year.
  4. Remaining: This is how many credits the student needs to take in future semesters to meet the requirements of that area.

Here is a more detailed view of the information in the Graduation Requirements tab:

Graduation Requirements Tab

There are additional columns in the view. These include:

  • Number of credits scheduled for a future term.
  • CTE Equivalency – Certain courses qualify for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Equivalency (also known as 2-for-1 or 2 graduation requirement credits fulfilled with 1 course credit earned.) The extra credit fulfilling the graduation requirement but not counted as earned credit is added to the General Electives graduation requirement credit total.  This means that the student may take an extra elective since the core grad requirement was met through the equivalency process.
  • Graduation Requirement Status is "Completed" when the number of credits “Required” equals the number of credits “Completed” plus the number of credits "In Progress."  The system assumes the student will successfully pass the class.  In the case where a student fails a class, the “Completed” status may change back to "In Progress" until the student successfully repeats the class or takes another class that fulfills the requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)