Password Registration and Recovery

Register your password

The Lake Washington School District now uses integration with Microsoft to reset Windows and Office365 passwords. 

Staff and students that wish to be able to recover their own password from any internet attached device need to first register a secondary authentication method with their account.

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER to use the service. Registration requires a working password to complete.

For help with parent logins, please refer to the Guide to Parent Logins and Passwords for information or contact

Security questions and answers are the most common method used as authentication, but users can also choose other factors such as alternate email, text messages and the Microsoft Authenticator App. You MUST register two methods to recover your password.
The following instructions will help users register using security questions as the example:

  1. Go to Password Registration – You may be prompted to login to your district work/school account. You will then be brought to the "My Sign-Ins" account page. Note this page shows all the attempts to login to your account and any bad actors that may be trying across the globe.
    My Sign-Ins
  2. Click on Security info.
    Security info
  3. Click on Add method. Here you can choose the method you wish to use in order to recover your password. If you select phone, you will be given the option of receiving a call or text message. For this example, we will choose Security questions.

    Add method


  4. Choose and fill out the questions then click Done.

    Security questions

You MUST add two methods in order to recover your password. We recommend that younger students accounts add a parent email or phone method. 

Congratulations, you are now registered for self-service password recovery! You can also add other secondary authentication methods or close out of the windows.

Recover your password

Once you have registered your password, you can now use the self-service password recovery tool.

  1. Enter your district email address and type in the Captcha picture displayed. Then hit Next.
    Password recovery


  2. Select the secondary method of verification use setup when registering for self-service password recovery. If you did not pre-register then staff should contact Helpdesk and students should visit the school librarian. If you used security questions like our example, then enter the exact answers and select Next.

    You may be prompted to a second verification by entering a code if you selected a different method.

    Secondary verificaton


  3. You can now reset your password. Please remember that LWSD requires strong passwords that are at least ten characters long and contain an UPPER case, lower case, number and symbol. You cannot use parts of your name

    Example:  LWSD414rocks!

    Enter new password