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    Parent Access Information and Registration Instructions

    Parent Access (also known as the Parent Portal) is a web-based tool to help parents stay informed and engaged with their students' education. Parent Access allows parents to view their students' attendance, as well as customized contact lists for their students' teachers, beginning the second week of school.

    The Parent Access home page lists your student or students. A single account links a parent to all students in the family. The home page lists all of your students' teachers, providing email links to contact those teachers. If those teachers have websites, links are provided.

    New User Registration Instructions

    Registration Instructions

    As a parent, we suggest you register for Parent Access and visit the site periodically, especially since new functions may be added. Teacher email links make it easier to keep in touch with your student’s teachers, to ask questions or share concerns.

    1. As a parent or guardian, you may activate your account by accurately entering your first and last name along with the email address that the school already has on file on the registration page. If you do not have an email address on file with the school, please go to the school office and supply an email address. They will need to confirm your identity for your security and protection.
    2. Enter your first name, last name and email address, then click on the [Submit] button. If you are successful, further directions about the registration process will be displayed.
    3. Within the next 12 hours, you will need to access your email at the address you entered in the registration process.
    4. You should receive an email from the LWSD parent questions account. Open the email and follow the detailed information to complete the registration process.
    5. While you are connected to the internet, click on and open the link in the email message.
    6. Popup blockers must be turned off to use Parent Access.
    7. If you have any problems registering for Parent Access, send an email to [email protected].

    Parent Access Links

    In the Links for You section, the following links are available for all parents:

    • Parent Access LinksPowerSchool Learning – Class websites where families can view teacher communication about assignments, announcements, and other information. View the Introduction to PowerSchool Learning web page.
    • Skyward Family Access – View information about current performance, assignments posted to the gradebook, and scores in your student's classes.
    • Parent Volunteer Application – Parents apply to volunteer at their student’s school online. All volunteers must be approved before volunteering in the schools. View the Online Volunteer Application.
    • Parent Access Support – This link points directly to an email where families can receive technical assistance.
    • LWSD Home Page – A link back to the main LWSD home page.
    • Change Password – A link to follow to change the password to your Parent Access account.
    • Online Payments – View and pay your student's fees and fines online. Parents of high school students can also sign up for sports using this link.
    • Breakfast and Lunch Payments – Check your student’s lunch account balance. You can add money to your student’s account via credit card through this secure site.
    • Teaching and Curriculum Standards – View LWSD adopted learning standards and what students are expected to know and do at each grade level.
    • School Home Page – A link to your school's home page.

    For senior high parents only:

    • High School Research Databases – Searchable databases to assist students in locating and organizing information for class research.
    • Graduation Requirements – Tracks a high school student’s progress toward completion of graduation requirements.



    Parent Access FAQ

    1. What is Parent Access?

    LWSD Parent Access is a tool to help parents stay informed and engaged with their students' education. At this time, Parent Access will allow parents to view their students' attendance, as well as customized contact lists for their students' teachers. As we add more features, we hope to begin making it easier and easier for you to get the information you need in order to support your child's education.

    2. What do I need to get started?

    You need an email address. If you don’t have an email address, visit to get one.

    Most teachers/schools collect email addresses at the beginning of the year. If you believe you have already provided your email to the school, please go to the Registration Instructions Tab and follow the registration directions. If you have trouble registering, we may not have your current email on file. Please contact your child's school to provide them with your current email address.

    Within about 24 hours of the school receiving your email address, you can begin the Parent Access registration process again.

    3. What do I do if some of the information is incorrect?

    Please contact your student’s school. If you do not have the contact information for your student's school, see the Schools section of this website.

    4. What information is inside of the parent access portal?

    Once you are registered and have a username and password you will have access to your student's information, emergency contact information, immunization records, attendance records, teacher email, teacher websites, school websites, culminating project progress (for HS students), grades and assignments, lunch balances, payment access for lunches, volunteer application form, and more.

    5. I forgot my password to login to Parent Access. What do I do?

    6. My question is not answered here. Who do I contact?

    Please send an email to [email protected]

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