Volunteer Application Process

All volunteers must apply and be approved before they can begin volunteering

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer with Lake Washington School District. To ensure the safety of our students and staff, all individuals must go through the district’s volunteer application process and be approved before beginning a volunteer assignment. The application process includes a background check through Washington State Patrol and a National Sex Offender registry.

Complete the application


Approval process

The district uses a volunteer management system through Raptor Technologies. When all of your volunteer application materials have been received, the volunteer office will process the application. The approval process can take up to two weeks from the time your application was received by the volunteer office.

  1. Once you submit an application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.
  2. We run background checks through the Washington State Patrol Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) system and a national Sex Offender registry.
  3. When your application is processed you will receive an email alerting you to your status. 
  4. Volunteer approval is not school-specific. Once you are approved, you can volunteer anywhere in the district and your name will be added to the approved volunteers list, which all schools can access.
  5. Approvals are valid for two years.
  6. For renewals, you will receive a reminder email from Raptor 30 days prior to the expiration date of your application.
  7.  The Raptor system will only allow you to renew your application if you are within 30 days of the expiration date of your previous application.
  8.  Raptor creates user accounts based on email addresses. If the same email address was used for more than one application, Raptor will only be able to create one user account. If you need help updating an email address, please contact Chris Robison at crobison@lwsd.org.
  9. After approval, Raptor will send you an invitation to activate your Raptor Volunteer Portal. Your username will be the email address you used on your volunteer application. If you are a first-time volunteer portal user, you will be asked to create a password (8 characters, contain at least one uppercase character, and contain one special character (!@#$%^&*).
  10. If you activate your Raptor Volunteer Portal, you will see your profile. The only changes you can make to your profile are your address and phone number. To make any other changes while your application is approved, please contact Chris Robison at crobison@lwsd.org.
  11. At this time, you cannot renew your application from your Volunteer Portal. You will have to log out of the Raptor Volunteer Portal and resubmit an application.
  12. In the Volunteer Portal there is a “Community” tab. This is a list of volunteers who have opted to have their emails added to this list (on the Preferences tab). At this time the list is not filtered by school. Raptor will be improving this functionality shortly, so you would only be able to see volunteers at your school.

Your volunteer work is an essential element to the success of our students. On behalf of all students and staff, thank you!

Check your approval status

Volunteer approvals are valid for two years. To see if your volunteer application is still current, you can log into your Raptor Volunteer Portal or contact the volunteer office at 425-936-1270 or email volunteers@lwsd.org. You can also contact the school where you volunteer.

When to reapply

Volunteer approval is valid for two years. After two years, you must reapply. You will receive notification by email 30 days before your application is due to expire.