COVID-19 Safety Plan


    In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Lake Washington School District has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

    This Safety Plan relies on common understanding of a “multiple barrier approach” to reduce exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  Simply put, people will be safer, and our district will be stronger when multiple barriers separate them from the virus.

    Barriers include:

    • Personal health and hygiene – stay home if you are sick, avoid touching your face, etc.
    • Hand Washing – effective and frequent
    • Cloth Face Covering – follow WA State Dept of Health guidelines
    • Social Distancing – be aware of yourself and others, maintain 6 feet of separation
    • Cleaning workspace – effective and frequent
    • Attestation/Screening – a collective commitment to others in the workplace
    • Personal Protective Equipment – as appropriate
    • Workplace procedures – to support and encourage implementation of multiple barriers

    COVID-19 Safety Plan

    First page of the PDF file:Safety Plan with Highlights

    Updated 4/26/21


    The purpose of this COVID-19 Safety Plan is to identify and communicate the Lake Washington School District’s plan for protecting the health of all employees, students and visitors to our school campuses and support facilities. This plan is effective immediately in response to guidance and regulations put in place by the Department of Labor and Industries, WA State Department of Health and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

    The plan provides structure and support for each facility/school to assemble a small team of staff that can address the requirements that are needed to return to work and school. All administrators, managers and supervisors are required to be familiar with this Safety Plan and support the implementation of the plan in their facilities and departments.  

    All parts of this COVID19 Safety Plan apply to all operations of the Lake Washington School District and should be considered prior to planning activities or events. In order to maintain the safety and well-being of all staff, students and visitors, it is important to review these expectations and procedures before moving forward with any event.

    Contacts/Additional Information:
    In order to get answers to questions efficiently, please direct them to the following people:

    Communications/Documents for COVID19 Building Safety Team:
    Each school is required to have a safety team. Once the safety team has been assembled by the building administrator, a copy of the organization’s chart with the names written in should be loaded onto the DLT Teams Site under COVID-19 Supervisor/COVID-19 Org Charts. Please add your building name to the beginning of the document when saving. This channel will be used as the primary communication and document storage location. This can also be a place where questions are posed for the group, ideas can be shared, and discussions can take place to provide a thoughtful exchange among all leading the safety plans.