At the March 5 School Board Meeting, the Board unanimously approved the names of both the New Elementary School in North Redmond and the New Elementary School in Redmond Ridge East, which will open in fall 2018.

Through partnerships with Lake Washington Schools Foundation, Lake Washington School District has established a District Innovation Program. It makes funding available to schools to implement innovative ideas. The goal is to celebrate and recognize innovative programs in our schools



Community Tech Advisory Committee (CTAC)

Committee Purpose:

As part of Lake Washington School District (LWSD) technology planning efforts, the Community Tech Advisory Committee (CTAC), made up of community members and district staff, was established in 2009 to provide feedback on LWSD’s use of technology.

Connection to Strategic Goal:
Goal 2: Safe and Innovative Learning Environments

The priority of the CTAC is to provide an informal forum for community members to learn about technology initiatives and to provide feedback to the district as it develops and implements technology. This feedback is vital to helping LWSD make sure technology is current, effective, and consistent with the district’s mission. The CTAC also seeks to understand and support existing and future educational use of technology by students, staff, and teachers. Open and broad-ranging discussions on the use of technology in education are encouraged.

Three times per year.

Participation is open to all community members within the Lake Washington School District.