Student Advisory Committee


The LWSD Student Advisory Committees will empower students and leverage student voice to inform district planning and strategic work.


Lake Washington School District is in the process of developing Student Advisory groups at each level. The High School Student Advisory began meeting in February; the Middle School Student Advisory will begin in March; and the Elementary Student Advisory will begin later in the spring.

Each of the three groups will represent student voices from one level, incorporating students from every school site.  The committees will include voices from the district’s entire population, including demographic diversity, program participation and geographic distribution. A school administrator, central office administrator and Equity and Family Engagement Facilitator will work together to help facilitate conversations and empower students in these committees. Students will have opportunities to connect; engage in open-ended discussion; and provide ideas which can inform district work. District leaders will be able to solicit input from students on specific topics and students will be able to determine additional topics for discussion. This approach centers student voice in the work of the District and ensures that students’ ideas can be leveraged to improve learning opportunities for all students.

Meeting calendars & agendas