Seven-Period High School Day (2016-18)

For two years, the College and Career Readiness Task Force studied ways to expand options for high school students. Staff and parents on the task force considered ways to help students meet the state’s new 24 credit graduation requirement. Students in the class of 2019 and beyond will need 24 credits to earn a high school diploma. The Task Force reviewed several scheduling options and models, aiming to increase flexibility for every student. In April 2017, taking staff, student, and parent survey feedback into consideration, the Task Force recommended adding instructional time to the high school day to create a seven-period high school schedule.

LWSD high schools are planning for the transition to seven-period schedules, beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

The seven-period high school day offers equity and opportunity for all students. Students have more opportunities for:

  • Exploration
    Taking different or additional elective courses
  • Acceleration
    Taking courses such as Advanced Placement (AP), dual credit opportunities like Running Start, or College in the High School
  • Remediation
    Getting additional support or making up credit


Seven-Period High School Schedule FAQ