Community Survey Results - February 2020

Thoughtexchange word cloud

The Facility Advisory Committee has been meeting since November in order to develop recommendations to accommodate the district's rapid enrollment growth and continue to provide quality learning environments. As part of the process, at the beginning of February, we solicited feedback from the community through a Thoughtexchange survey

FAC used Thoughtexchange to gather community input around this question: What are the most important perspectives to consider as we plan for future facilities to accommodate growth in our district?

Thank you to the 1,259 participants who shared 1,421 thoughts and gave 42,854 ratings to the thoughts shared! We invite everyone to explore the feedback. 

The Facility Advisory Committee shared and discussed this community feedback at their February 27 meeting. The input gathered in this exchange will be considered as the committee continues to develop their recommendations to accommodate the district’s rapid enrollment growth and continue to provide quality learning environments. The Superintendent and School Board will consider these recommendations as it plans for future ballot measures to fund construction.

You can also view the results. When you click the button below, you will see an overview of the total input and thoughts generated. 

Thoughtexchange Report

Top Thoughts: If you click View in this area you will be able to review all the thoughts rated from highest to lowest. There are a total of 1,421 individual thoughts. 

Theme Tiles: This section breaks out the thoughts into themes. There are themes that relate directly to the committee’s work and themes for other thoughts that were shared that were not specifically related to Facility Advisory Committee work:

  • Aging facilities
  • Athletic facilities
  • Building (how/what/where)
  • Choice Schools
  • Enrollment growth
  • Funding facilities
  • Plan future growth
  • Space

If you hover over each theme, you can see the number of thoughts and the average score. If you click on a tile, you can read the detailed thoughts rated from highest to lowest.

Other themes not related specifically to the committee’s work:

  • Class Size
  • Educational Program
  • Excellent Staff
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Other

The committee discussed observations such as confirmation of high growth, concerns around the use of portables and comments around the need for planning. The committee shared that some of the community did not have all the information they needed and asked the district to provide communication to to dispel rumors and myths. See each area below for additional details. 

Visit the online interactive report to learn about the top thoughts that emerged during the online feedback window.