Newly Hired Educator Events and Programs

New teacher support program and EIA


Educator Introduction Academy (EIA)

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Whether you are a brand new educator, or just new to Lake Washington School District, we want you to be prepared for success from the very first day! EIA is your opportunity to get up to speed quickly. All educators new to Lake Washington School District attend EIA in August and for yearlong professional development and support.

EIA: August 19-23, 2024
This event provides the knowledge, tools and strategies to help all educators feel prepared for the start of the school year.

The purpose of EIA is to:

  • Help participants understand, experience and create personal/professional connections to the LWSD philosophy and culture. 
  • Provide participants with the necessary tools and resources to become a successful educator in the LWSD, positively impact student learning and feel empowered to begin teaching.

Our intent is for newly hired educators to feel:

  • Ready and prepared to access curriculum and incorporate active instructional strategies that positively impact student learning.
  • Connected with district staff and to know where to go for support.
  • Connected with new colleagues and peers.
  • Welcomed and included in a professional community .

Participation in EIA is a condition of employment (mandatory) for all new certificated educators. Participants are paid at the timecard rate ($55.00 per hour) with clock hours for required sessions and can earn additional clock hours for choice sessions.

New Teacher Support Program (NTSP)

New Teacher Support Program

The innovative and nationally recognized New Teacher Support Program (NTSP), is designed to provide focused support for novice educators as they enter the profession and experience the culture and standards of Lake Washington School District. Each first and second year educator is paired with a Consulting Teacher (CT), a fully-released certificated teacher who serves as a mentor and instructional coach. Participation in the NTSP program is required as a condition of employment.

New educators find this trusting, confidential relationship incredibly valuable. The learning-focused relationship provides new educators with opportunities to learn and grow from novice to more expert levels of performance through direct learning opportunities. Research shows mentoring during the first years of teaching accelerates the growth and development of both new educators and their students. NTSP works to provide new educators with just-in-time learning opportunities along with learning-focused conversations throughout the school year. New educators play an active role in their professional learning. In addition to one-to-one classroom support, NTSP offers other professional learning opportunities.

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