Types of Certificated Substituting in LWSD

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Intern and emergency substitute certificates allow student teachers to substitute in the district where they are completing their student teaching experience.

You will need approval via email from three sources:  

  • Your university supervisor 
  • Your mentor teacher 
  • Your principal 

Please follow these steps once you’ve secured approval from all the three sources above

  1. Email confirmation of approval to Kathy Lowe.
  2. Complete and submit an LWSD application. For confidential reference forms, please include your mentor teacher, building principal, and university field supervisor. 
  3. Log in to your OSPI account and make sure you have current information, including SS# and address.
  4. HR Substitute office will contact you with an approval email once your application and supporting documents are complete and have been reviewed. This email will have information regarding your HR onboarding appointment. 
  5. Once you hear from HR Substitute office that your emergency certificate has been requested, please pay the certificate fee in OSPI. This will allow us to request a rush on the order.


____ Approval of your university field supervisor, your mentor teacher, and your building principal
____ Confirm your OSPI account information is current and complete
____ Complete and submit the LWSD online application 
____ Approval email from the LWSD substitute team
____ Certificate fee paid in OSPI
____ HR onboarding appointment complete  
____ Emergency or Intern certificate issued by OSPI
____ Substitute account set up in Frontline (formerly Aesop)

Certificate information:

Intern Substitute Certificate expires after the last day of your scheduled student teaching. The intern certificate allows you to substitute for your mentor teacher only. 

Emergency Substitute Certificate expires June 30 after two school years. The emergency certificate allows you to substitute throughout the district. However, while you are completing your student teaching, we require that you substitute in your school only.

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