LWHS Dance Team

Dance teams from Eastlake High School (EHS), Lake Washington High School (LWHS) and Redmond High School (RHS) scored high marks at a December dance competition.



    Student Teachers

    Would you like to complete your student teaching in the Lake Washington School District? We look forward to working with you as you begin your teaching career. We make sure student teachers work with quality Cooperating Teachers. We provide technology support and a Student Teaching Orientation. At the orientation, student teachers meet members of the New Teacher Support Program and the Human Resources department.

    A university placement coordinator must make your student teaching placement request. To begin the process, ask your coordinator to contact Kristi Bryant, Lake Washington School District, Professional Learning Department.

    September experiences, practicums, job shadowing and observations

    Do you want to complete some of your university program or MIT requirements in the Lake Washington School District? Informal observations, shadowing, practicums, and experiences that take place before student teaching, such as September Experiences, can be arranged through the district’s Volunteer Programs Supervisor. Contact Chris Robison for these types of experiences. You will need to fill out the LWSD volunteer application. All volunteers must apply and be approved before they can begin their service.