SpaceX STEM Professionals at Tesla STEM

150 Tesla STEM scholars attended a panel discussion and presentation with five female SpaceX STEM professionals. Each professional told the story of her pathway to STEM fields and ultimately to SpaceX.



New Hires

Educator Introduction Academy (EIA)

Whether you are a brand new educator, or just new to Lake Washington School District, we want you to feel welcome from the very first day. The Educator Introduction Academy (EIA) is your opportunity to learn about the program, curriculum and tools that will help you be successful with your job.

Educator Introduction Academy will be held August 17 - 18 and 21 - 25, 2017

For all educators new to Lake Washington School District:

  • EIA offers General and Breakout Sessions to help you get started in your new school district.
  • Participation in EIA is a condition of employment (mandatory) for all new certificated hires
  • Participants are paid at the curriculum rate ($35.00 per hour) to attend this required training.

New Teacher Support Program (NTSP)

For teachers brand new to the profession:
  • You will also be part of the New Teacher Support Program (NTSP). This mentoring program provides additional assistance and support. NTSP training will begin on Thursday, August 17, during EIA.
  • Participation in the NTSP program is required as a condition of employment.

For more information, contact Pattie Grohl or Nancy Rusch.