Health & Safety Dashboard

    Current COVID-19 data for in-person learning in LWSD

    Lake Washington School District takes all positive COVID-19 cases seriously. We have a comprehensive COVID-19 Positive Case Report Response process that includes reporting the case to Public Health, communicating information as needed to affected staff, parents/students (also called close contacts), and implementing our cleaning protocols that includes cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing work spaces as required.

    Below is data for student/staff case numbers for the
    7-day period from September 14-20

    Estimated number of students and staff on campus1 Number of new positive student cases2 Number of new positive staff cases2
    32,785 128 24

    Note: Public Health’s reporting requirements have changed to report on positive cases only and are no longer requesting close contact data.

    COVID-19 data by building

    Please note: Numbers for ICS and Emerson K-12 are located in the high school tab.

    Last update: 9/23/2022.

    Historical data

    2022-23 school year


    2021-22 school year*

    * Beginning 10/24/21.

    1 Number of students receiving in-person instruction as of October 1, 2021 plus the estimated number of staff members that are assigned to that district building.

    A positive case is defined as a staff member or student who was present at work/school up to two days before becoming symptomatic and/or testing positive for COVID-19. (Updated 1/31/2022)

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