Muir Family Literacy Night

The Family Literacy Night at John Muir Elementary School was a big success. Families were able to enjoy literacy activities like fun tongue twisters, reading tic-tac-toe, a book fair and a book giveaway.





    LWSD employees, contractors and volunteers are still required to be vaccinated.

    Department of Health vaccine resources



    School testing sites, appointments and options



    All students and staff are required to stay home when sick and to isolate for a minimum of 5 days following a positive COVID test (DOH Decision Tree).

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    Other Safety Measures

    • Physical Distancing – Physical distancing remains a strategy to be used when possible but should not limit student access to learning opportunities.
    • Hand Hygiene – Schools will continue to remind students about the importance of frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
    • Cleaning – LWSD will continue its existing cleaning practices.
    • Ventilation – LWSD will continue its ventilation practices. 
    • Masking – Masks are required for all people entering health or isolation rooms. LWSD will continue to maintain a supply of masks for students or staff. LWSD respects student and staff choice for masking in other areas.

    COVID-19 Safety Plan

    LWSD COVID-19 Safety Plan; updated as new guidance becomes available from King County Public Health


    Health & Safety Dashboard

    Updated weekly during the school year

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    COVID-19 family messages

    COVID-19 family messages


    Too sick for school

    Too sick for school


    COVID-19 questions

    Send us your COVID-19 questions

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