Monitoring Reports

The Lake Washington School District Board of Directors uses a governance structure called Coherent Governance®. Coherent Governance® uses these policies as part of its governing process:

  1. Results policies
    These policies define the results desired for our students and what they are expected to know and be able to do as a result of their educational experience. Results policies are based on the Lake Washington School District Mission, Vision, Student Profile, and Guiding Principles.
  2. Operational Expectations policies
    These policies state the expectations imposed by the Board, on the strategies and methods the superintendent and staff may use as they work to achieve the specified outcomes identified in the Results Policies. They establish the boundaries and operating expectations for staff.

Each year, the superintendent presents reports to the Board concerning the district’s compliance with the Operational Expectations and its work toward accomplishing the Results. Monitoring reports are available on BoardDocs (go to: Library > Strategic Goals).