Muir Family Literacy Night

The Family Literacy Night at John Muir Elementary School was a big success. Families were able to enjoy literacy activities like fun tongue twisters, reading tic-tac-toe, a book fair and a book giveaway.



    Board Members

    Siri Bliesner, President

    Director, District Five
    First elected: 11/2011
    Term ends: 11/2023

    Leah Choi, Vice President

    Director, District Three
    First elected 11/2021
    Term ends 11/2025

    Mark Stuart, Legislative Representative

    Director, District Four
    First elected: 11/2013
    Term ends: 11/2025

    Chris Carlson

    Director, District Two
    First elected: 11/2007
    Term ends: 11/2023

    Eric Laliberte

    Director, District One
    First elected: 11/2015
    Term ends: 11/2023


    Student Representatives

    Evan Kurtz

    Student Representative
    Term begins: 8/2022
    Terms ends: 6/2023

    Shivani Sama

    Student Representative
    Term begins: 8/2022
    Term ends: 6/2024