Falcon Fest

Staff at Finn Hill Middle School put a new spin on their traditional curriculum night with their first ever Falcon Fest on October 18. The event welcomed the entire Finn Hill community and featured food trucks and parent education sessions on a wide range of topics.



    Board Members

    Siri Bliesner, President

    Director, District Five
    First elected: 11/2011
    Term ends: 11/2023

    Leah Choi, Vice President

    Director, District Three
    First elected 11/2021
    Term ends 11/2025

    Mark Stuart, Legislative Representative

    Director, District Four
    First elected: 11/2013
    Term ends: 11/2025

    Chris Carlson

    Director, District Two
    First elected: 11/2007
    Term ends: 11/2023

    Eric Laliberte

    Director, District One
    First elected: 11/2015
    Term ends: 11/2023


    Student Representatives

    Evan Kurtz

    Student Representative
    Term begins: 8/2022
    Terms ends: 6/2023

    Shivani Sama

    Student Representative
    Term begins: 8/2022
    Term ends: 6/2024