LWHS capitol visit SB 5171

Students in Lake Washington High School’s AP US Government & Politics classes get first-hand experience in the legislative process. As part of the class, students crafted Senate Bill (SB) 5171, which bans gender-based price discrimination on similar products

Last day of school remains Friday, June 23

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has finalized plans to make up for the one day missed due to the November 30 snow day. The 2022-23 calendar has been modified to reflect this change:  

  • Tuesday, May 30: change from a non-school day to a full day for students



    Changes to Board Meetings and Study Sessions Until Further Notice

    Board Meeting Protocols During the Governor’s State of Emergency

    Update to guidelines for attending board meetings

    Proclamation 20-28.15 Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act Proclamations, extends the prohibition on in-person meetings, but created an exemption for public meetings that “compl[y] with the guidelines for 'business meetings,’ found in the 'Miscellaneous Venues’ guidance'." 

    Currently, school districts continue to be required to hold remote meetings. In the event a school district can comply with the miscellaneous venues guidance and all other requirements related to COVID-19, a meeting may be held in-person. If the miscellaneous venues guidance and all other requirements related to COVID-19 cannot be met, the school board must hold their meetings remotely and accessed (live steam or via audio) remotely.

    The Board will notify the public of the location of their meetings through the meetings tab on Board Docs.

    In the event the school board holds an in-person meeting the following conditions apply:

    • You no longer need to pre-register to attend a board meeting/study session or special board meeting.

    Board meetings, study sessions, and special board meetings will continue to be live-streamed on the LWSD website. If community members are unable to live stream the meeting, they may call to listen to the meeting: 425-936-2813/Conference ID: 37127.

    You are always welcome to email any individual Board member or the entire Board at any time outside of public comment at (

    Updated 3/24/2022