When schools closed in March, the traditional end-of-year band concerts that showcase a year’s worth of practice and progress were effectively canceled. Rose Hill Middle School (RHMS) Band Instructor, Angela Laulainen got creative during the remote learning period and had her students record their parts at home.

Congressional art contest winners

On June 8, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene announced Tesla STEM student, Sophia Xu Ling as winner of the 2020 Congressional Art Competition for Washington’s first congressional district for her watercolor piece titled, “The Suffering of the Great.”



    Results Oriented

    We believe results matter. As a high-performing district, we continuously monitor and analyze student achievement results and organizational results. Results help us determine where to focus, how we can improve, and how we can better serve students.

    We focus on both student results and organizational results, and we use data to inform our continuous improvement processes. Student and organizational performance data, together with perception data collected from students, staff, parents, and community members, is used to help us understand strengths and areas for continued improvement.

    Student results

    We establish goals for student results at the individual classroom, school, and district level. Teachers set student growth goals for students in their classrooms and for their grade level. Schools set goals for all students and for individual groups of students in their schools. District goals for student learning are expressed in board-established End Results. End Results policies specify the results desired for our students. Ends Results policies are based on our district mission, vision, student profile, and guiding principles. Key performance indicators for student performance are included in our district strategic plan.

    Organizational Results

    Building level continuous improvement processes help schools determine which strategies and programs are best helping students achieve. At the district level, board-established Executive Limitations policies focus on the means used to accomplish End Results for students. The board regularly monitors Executive Limitations focused on expectations associated with: academic program, instructional materials, district staff, budgeting/financial planning, facilities, technology, student learning environment and more. We set key performance indicators aligned with our strategic goals and monitor organizational performance.

    Student working with pencil
    Core values of Lake Washington School District

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