Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Types of Funds

    File: DIB

    Expending Funds - Board Approval

    All funds may be expended to the limit of each budget. The board shall approve all employment of personnel, and site purchases. The district shall establish and operate the following funds in accordance with the state laws.

    General Fund

    RCW 28A.58.441
    RCW 28A.58.120
    RCW 28A.58.428

    Capital Projects Fund

    RCW 28A.58.441
    RCW 28A.51.010
    RCW 84.52.053 RCW 28A.58.035
    RCW 28A.41.143 RCW 28A.58.0461
    RCW 28A.58.435 WAC 392-123-180
    RCW 28A.58.440

    Debt Service Fund Chapter 39.44 RCW

    Associated Student Body Fund RCW 28A.58.120

    Transportation Vehicle Fund RCW 28A.58.428

    Advance Refunded Bond Fund Chapter 39.58 RCW

    Expenditures are limited to the board approval appropriations in each of the funds except the Advance Refunded Bond Fund which is not under budgetary requirements.

    All purchases except public works contracts may be made from the general fund, building fund and ASB funds to be the extent of the budget without specific board approval for each purchases. Board approval shall have been granted upon approval of the budget.

    Public work contracts may be solicited and awarded for purposes of repair and replacement to existing facilities to the extent of the approved amount of the budget for building fund or general funds without further board approval.

    Public work contracts for additions to buildings or construction of new buildings, the total of which in either case shall not exceed $100,000, may be solicited and awarded without board approval. Change orders for these projects also shall not require board approval.

    Public work contracts for additions to or construction of new buildings or additions to old buildings in excess of $100,000 shall require authorization from the Board of Directors, both to proceed and upon the board's request shall require specific action by the board to award contracts. The board also may request action on change orders.

    All state funded public work projects which as a part of the conditions of the funds shall require special action by the board to call for and award bids shall be taken to the board for action. Change orders also shall be approved except changes which require immediate action may be authorized by the administration and subsequently approved by the board.



    RCW 28A.58.441
    WAC 392-123-07

    Elementary school student reading book titled "Math=Fun! Shapes and Patterns".