First day of preschool 2020

Building updated as part of 2016 bond passed by voters

Redmond, Wash. – Staff cheered Monday, September 14, as the first preschool student walked confidently into the Early Learning Center at Old Redmond Schoolhouse. It is the first time in more than 20 years that Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has held classes in the building. 




    Tobacco-Free Environment Policy Implementation

    File: KGC-R

    The following implementation plan was developed by the Tobacco-Free Committee to ensure clear communication and implementation of the proposed policy.

    Administrators' Orientation:
    A presentation will be made to building administrators concerning policy implementation. Information presented will cover:

    1. Including staff and students in discussions about policy implementation.
    2. District plan will inform staff, students, parents, contracted personnel and visitors about policy and smoking cessation classes.
    3. Procedures for handling policy violations.

    Tobacco Free Environment Signs:
    The District will provide each building with signs to remind people that use of tobacco products is prohibited by state statute and Board policy.

    In order to successfully implement this policy, regular communication to staff, students, parents, and the community is needed. Clarifying when and where this policy will be in effect as well as why this policy is being established is important. The District will coordinate the dissemination of information through the following sources:

    1. Notices in the Lake Washington News
    2. Local TV, radio, and print media including Channels 28
    3. Employee unions and association
    4. Facilities/administrative buildings
    5. Building use forms and/or cover letters
    6. Building information, teacher handbooks, publications
    7. PTSA Newsletters

    Building administrators are encouraged to conduct meetings with staff and students and student groups to increase building awareness and develop plans to create a supportive environment for the implementation of this policy.

    Smoking Cessation Classes:
    Information will be provided to employees and their spouses about community-based smoking cessation classes and what insurance plans will cover. Information regarding non-smoker support groups will be provided. Resources and information will be provided by the Staff Development and Risk Management departments.

    A student smoking cessation and education program will be developed in coordination with secondary education, including non-smoker support groups.

    A community volunteer works with an elementary school student