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    Teaching about Controversial Issues

    File: INB

    Training for effective citizenship is accepted as one of the major goals of the public schools. The instructional program developed to achieve this purpose properly places great emphasis upon teaching about American heritage, the rights and privileges we enjoy as citizens, and the citizenship responsibilities that must be assumed in maintaining the American way of life.

    In training for effective citizenship, it is frequently necessary for pupils to study issues that are controversial. In considering such issues, it shall be the purpose of the schools to recognize the pupil's right and/or obligation:

      1. To study any controversial issue which has political, economic, or social significance and concerning which (at his/her level) he/she should begin to have an opinion
      2. To have free access to all relevant information
      3. To study under competent instruction in an atmosphere of freedom from bias and prejudice
      4. To form and express his own opinions on controversial issues without thereby jeopardizing his/her relation with the teacher or the school
      5. To recognize that reasonable compromise is often an important facet in decision making in our society
      6. To respect minority opinions



    Community Resource Persons (IICB)
    Teaching About Controversial Issues (INB-R)

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