Season of Giving

'Tis the Season of Giving in Lake Washington School District (LWSD). Each year schools and district buildings across LWSD think of ways to benefit those most in need during the holiday season.

Elizabeth Fu

It is one thing to get a score of five on any Advanced Placement (AP) exam, but to get every, single point possible is very unique. Elizabeth Fu, International Community School class of 2021, is one of just 375 students across the world to accomplish this.



    Student Records

    File: JO

    Lake Washington School District shall maintain only those student records necessary for the educational welfare of students, for orderly and efficient operation of schools, and as required by law. All information related to individual students shall be treated in a confidential and professional manner. Student records are the property of the district but shall be available in an orderly and timely manner to student, parent, step-parent, or legal guardian. A parent may challenge any information in a student record believed inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the privacy or other rights or the student.

    Parental consent shall be required before the school district may release student records to any individual, agency or organization, except as otherwise provided by law. When a student has attained the age of eighteen years and is no longer dependent or is attending an institution of post-secondary education, the rights accorded to and the consent of the parents under this policy shall thereafter only be accorded to and required of the student. Students between sixteen and eighteen who have been granted legal emancipation from their parents or guardians have the same rights as eighteen year old students.

    Pursuant to this policy, the superintendent of schools shall establish procedures governing the content, management, and control of student records. This policy shall not apply to records required for reports of child abuse and neglect as mandated by RCW 26.44.010 through RCW 26.44.080.



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    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974,
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    RCW 28A.87.120
    RCW 13.64.060
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    Section 438, General Education Provisions Act (as amended 31 Dec. 1974)

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