Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Student Progress Reports to Parents

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    The approved reporting system includes ongoing student progress reporting via the district-adopted electronic gradebook, elementary teacher parent conferences and report cards. Narrative reports to parents may be used to supplement the other reporting practices.

    Individuals with disabilities who may need a special accommodation to participate in a parent-teacher conference should contact the principal's office no later than three (3) days before conference so that special arrangements may be made.

    Reporting Practices

    I. Elementary - Grades K-5

    Two conferences will be held: one in the fall and one in the winter. One written report card shall be issued in conjunction with the winter conference. One written report card shall be issued to parents at the end of each school year.

    When numerical grades are used in reporting to parents, the following explanation of grades shall be made:

    4. Exceeds Standard
    3. At Standard
    2. Approaching Standard
    1. Not at Standard
    /. Not Evaluated

    II. Secondary - Grades 6-12

    Report cards are issued each quarter at the secondary level.

    Informal progress reports may be submitted at any time during a regular reporting period.

    The approved grading scale and grade point equivalents will be as follows for the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA):

    Grade Grade Point
    A 4.0
    B+ 3.3
    B 3.0
    B- 2.7
    C+ 2.3
    C 2.0
    C- 1.7
    D+ 1.3
    D 1.0
    F 0.0








    Other marks may also be used in approved circumstances. These non-numerical marks/grades shall be excluded from the calculation of the grade point average. These marks are defined as:

    P . . Passing - meets minimum requirements for credit.
    N . . No credit - does not meet minimum requirement for credit
    I . . Incomplete work - students have not met course requirements for credit. A maximum of two weeks is allowed for removal of an incomplete. If an incomplete is received at the end of the school year, the student has two weeks into the Fall semester to remove it.
    S . . Satisfactory - student has not met course requirements, but has met objectives commensurate with ability. Parents, students of a majority age, teacher, counselor, and principal should all be consulted in determining whether an "S" grade should be given.
    W . . Withdrawal - student withdrew from course.




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