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    Student Awards and Scholarships

    File: JI

    Gifts to Students
    Lake Washington School District discourages gifts to students for school-related activities, other than those which are in the nature of scholarships, or awarded by the school district itself, or awarded under the provisions of the code of the National High School Activities Association or the Washington High School Activities Association.

    Awards for Achievement
    Awards may be given to students for scholarship and distinguished service. All such honors within the school setting shall be awarded upon recommendation of the appropriate staff and the building principal.

    The acceptance of trophies, prizes, or awards from persons not associated with the schools must receive prior approval of the appropriate school staff. Such approval shall be based upon the general criteria that:

      1. The origins and purposes of said awards are in agreement with school district goals and
      2. The right of selection and approval remains with the staff.

    This policy does not prohibit the acceptance of gifts or grants for scholarship which are not associated with contests and which are absent motives of personal gain or publicity.

    Organizations which provide co-sponsorship for awards of achievement shall indicate their compliance with open-meeting practices, non-discrimination, and any other requirements set forth by law, policy, and regulation governing this school district.



    RCW 28A.58.820 through 28A.58.830
    RCW 28A.87.090
    WAC 392-210, generally

    Recognition for Accomplishment (AGA)
    Student Awards and Scholarships (JI-R)
    Gifts from the Public (KH)

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