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    Revenues from Tax Sources

    File: DE

    In an attempt to provide the best education possible within the financial resources available, and when it is believed to be in the best interests of the school district, the board shall as allowed by state law:

    1. Request adequate local funds to the limit allowed by law for the operation of the school district. The amount of the individual levies shall be adjusted at the time of the initial request or at the time of a request for a renewal to yield sufficient revenue for the current operating expenses of the school system.
    2. Accept all available state funds to which the district is entitled by law or through regulations of the state board of education.
    3. Submit application for eligible federal funds provided that acceptance of the funds does not include conditions which are in conflict with board policy.
    4. Request adequate local funds for the capital purposes of the district within the limitation established by state law.

    Responses to Audit Findings on Use of Local Revenues

    As part of the state auditor’s regular financial audit, it will review the district’s expenditures to ensure they are in compliance with RCW 28A.150.276, the statute that limits the district’s use of local revenues to supplementing the state’s basic education program. Should the auditor issue any audit findings resulting from this review, the board will hold a public hearing within 30 days to review the findings.



    RCW 28A.02.100
    RCW 28A.02.300
    RCW 28A.29, generally
    RCW 28A.40, generally
    RCW 28A.41, generally
    RCW 28A.44, generally
    RCW 28A.46, generally
    RCW 28A.47, generally
    RCW 28A.48, generally
    RCW 28A.58.055
    RCW 28A.65. 455
    RCW 28A.84.52.053
    RCW 28A.84.52..0531
    RCW 28A.84.52.056
    WAC 180-25, generally
    WAC 180-26, generally
    WAC 180-27, generally
    WAC 180-29, generally
    WAC 180-30, generally
    WAC 180-31, generally
    WAC 180-32, generally
    WAC 180-33, generally
    WAC 392-121, generally
    WAC 392-129, generally
    WAC 392-140, generally
    WAC 392-141, generally
    WAC 392-163, generally
    WAC 392-164, generally
    WAC 392-165, generally
    WAC 392-166, generally
    WAC 392-168, generally

    Revenues from Federal Tax Sources (DEC-R)

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