Juanita Elementary Affirmation Mirror

Strong kids begin with strong minds. That's why Jordan McClellion at Juanita Elementary is nurturing her students to see the best in themselves through the "affirmation mirror" station.

Redmond, Wash. - Lake Washington School District is planning three ballot measures for the February 8, 2022 election. The measures are a replacement of the existing Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy, a replacement of the existing School Technology and Capital Levy, and a Building Excellence Capital levy. A recommendation was presented to the Board of Directors on October 4, and they formally approved the levies at their October 18 board meeting.



    Release of Resident Students to Other Districts

    File: JECBC

    1. Students who reside within the boundaries of Lake Washington School District shall be released to attend school in another district when there exists a special hardship or detrimental condition of a financial, educational, safety, or health nature affecting the student or the student's immediate family, provided the hardship or condition is likely to be significantly alleviated as a result of the transfer. Such conditions shall include, but not be limited to, the following circumstances:

    1.1 After-school supervision of a student in kindergarten through sixth grade is being provided at a residence or child-care center in another district.

    1.2 Another district offers a program which is necessary to the student's education, which is not available in the Lake Washington School District.

    1.3 A student has demonstrated school adjustment problems or personal adjustment problems in Lake Washington School District which, in the best judgment of the school officials of both districts involved, may be alleviated by transfer to another school district.

    1.4 A student shall become a resident of another school district within five months of the date of the request.

    1.5 A student who moves into the district during the school year may finish the school year in his/her former district.

    1.6 A student in high school who moves into the district may complete his/her high school program in his/her former district.

    2. An Interdistrict Student Transfer Agreement form must be completed by the parent (or the adult student) and Lake Washington School District administrator responsible for administering this policy. The Board of Directors shall grant or deny the request according to the established criteria. If the request is denied, the parents may request a hearing before the Board of Directors by submitting a written notice to the superintendent. The hearing shall be conducted at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors and the board's decision promptly communicated to the parents. If the request is denied, the parents may appeal the decision to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, as provided in WAC 392-183-020.

    3. Release of a student by Lake Washington School District does not guarantee acceptance by another district. The student must make application to and be accepted by the receiving district after being released by Lake Washington School District.



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    Admission of Nonresident Students (JECB)

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