RHMS ecosystem restoration project

The sixth graders at Rose Hill Middle School worked on an exciting new unit on ecosystems restoration in science this fall. During this unit, students not only learned what makes a healthy forest ecosystem but also got the opportunity to plan and execute their very own restoration project for a damaged ecosystem on Rose Hill’s campus.

Redmond, Wash. – Lake Washington School District’s (LWSD’s) 2021-22 Budget has earned the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Meritorious Budget Award (MBA). This award promotes and recognizes excellence in budget presentation in school districts. LWSD has received this award five years in a row. LWSD is the only district in the state of Washington to receive this award.



    Reevaluation and Graduation

    File: IGB-R: Special Education, Cont.

    No reevaluation is required when special education eligibility terminates due to graduation from high school with a regular diploma or due to reaching the end of the school year during which the student turned 21. Instead, the district will provide prior written notice and the IEP team will provide the student with a summary of academic achievement and functional performance including recommendations on how to assist the student in meeting post-secondary goals. This summary will be provided to the student at the time of the final year’s IEP meeting.

    Certificate of Attendance
    In order to participate in commencement exercises, students must have met the minimum criteria for graduation prior to the date of the exercise and otherwise be in good standing with their school through the commencement date. Minimum criteria for participation may be adjusted for students with an IEP whose disabilities have impacted their opportunity to accumulate credits. Each student's IEP team will determine the student's graduation plan, including graduation date. IEP students who have attended four years of high school and need additional time to complete IEP goals and / or credits may request participation in commencement exercises. IEP students will receive a certificate of attendance until they complete their credits for graduation.

    Each student's IEP team will determine the student's graduation plan, including graduation date. No student shall be denied the opportunity to earn a diploma solely because of limitations on the student's ability. Each student's IEP team may make modifications or exemptions to graduation requirements if a requirement impedes the student's progress toward graduation and there is a direct relationship between failure to meet the requirement and the student's limitation.

    District procedures for granting high school graduation credits for students with disabilities can be found in district policy IKF, Graduation Requirements, and procedures, IKF-R.

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