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Elizabeth Fu

It is one thing to get a score of five on any Advanced Placement (AP) exam, but to get every, single point possible is very unique. Elizabeth Fu, International Community School class of 2021, is one of just 375 students across the world to accomplish this.



    Procedural Safeguards: Revocation of Consent

    File: IGB-R: Special Education, Cont.

    If a parent revokes consent for special education services after the district has provided special education and related services, the district will not amend the student’s educational records to remove any reference to the student’s receipt of special education and related services.

    Upon receipt of the parent’s written notice of revocation, the district

    • Will provide prior written notice before ceasing services;
    • Top providing special education and related services after the effective date contained in the district’s prior written notices, and;
    • May not use mediation or due process procedures to obtain consent.

    Discontinuation of special education and related services in response to the parent’s written revocation does not violate the requirement to make FAPE available to the student and eliminates the requirements to convene an IEP meeting or develop an IEP. However, the district does have a continuing Child Find duty, and staff will follow referral procedures if they believe the student should be referred for special education. In addition, parents may request that the district conduct an initial evaluation for eligibility for special education services after they have revoked consent for continued services.

    *See the Special Education Terms & Definitions page for more information.

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