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'Tis the Season of Giving in Lake Washington School District (LWSD). Each year schools and district buildings across LWSD think of ways to benefit those most in need during the holiday season.

Elizabeth Fu

It is one thing to get a score of five on any Advanced Placement (AP) exam, but to get every, single point possible is very unique. Elizabeth Fu, International Community School class of 2021, is one of just 375 students across the world to accomplish this.



    Procedural Safeguards: Notice of Procedural Safeguards

    File: IGB-R: Special Education, Cont.

    Parents and adult students have procedural safeguard protections when a student is eligible for special education or when a student's identification, evaluation, or placement is at issue. The school district shall provide a copy of the procedural safeguards notice to the parents of eligible special education students and adult students one time a year and:

    • Upon initial referral or parent request for evaluation;
    • Upon receipt of the parent’s first state complaint and first request for due process hearing in a school year;
    • Upon a disciplinary action that will constitute a change of placement; and/or
    • Upon request by the parents.

    The procedural safeguard notice used by the district includes a full explanation of all the procedural safeguards relating to independent educational evaluation, prior written notice, parental consent, access to educational records, procedures for students who are subject to placement in an interim alternative educational setting, requirements for unilateral placement by parents of children in private schools at public expense, state complaint procedures, mediation, the child’s placement during pendency of due process proceedings, due process hearings, civil actions and attorney’s fees. Copies of the district’s special education procedural safeguards are available at each building and the special services department office.

    *See the Special Education Terms & Definitions page for more information.

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