First day of preschool 2020

Building updated as part of 2016 bond passed by voters

Redmond, Wash. – Staff cheered Monday, September 14, as the first preschool student walked confidently into the Early Learning Center at Old Redmond Schoolhouse. It is the first time in more than 20 years that Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has held classes in the building. 




    Local Improvement Districts

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    As the school district is created for the purpose of educating children and does not have responsibilities for development of the community beyond the school site, it shall be the practice of the Board of Directors to refrain from taking part in a Local Improvement District petition until signatures have been affixed committing at least 50 percent of the non-school district land in the area of the Local Improvement District. An exception may be made to this policy in the event that the Local Improvement District would produce immediate health, safety, or economic benefit to the students using the property in question, or to the school district in general.



    Construction on the Eastlake High School property