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    Guidance and Counseling Program

    File: IJ

    The district recognizes that guidance and counseling is an important part of the total program of instruction and should be provided in accordance with state laws and regulations, district policies and procedures, and available staff and program support.

    The general goal of this program is to help students achieve the greatest personal value from their educational opportunities. Such a program should:

      1. Provide staff with meaningful information which can be utilized to improve the educational services offered to individual students.
      2. Provide students with planned opportunities to develop future career and educational plans.
      3. Refer students with special needs to appropriate specialists and agencies.
      4. Aid students in identifying options and making choices about their educational program.
      5. Assist teachers and administrators in meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of students.
      6. Provide for a follow-up of students who further their education and/or move into the world of work.
      7. Solicit feedback from students, staff and parents for purposes of program improvement.
      8. Assist students in developing a sense of belonging and self-respect.

    All staff shall encourage students to explore and develop their individual interests in career and vocational technical programs and employment opportunities without regard to sex including reasonable efforts encouraging students to consider and explore "nontraditional" occupations for men and women.

    The board directs the superintendent to work with the staff, community and appropriate agencies to develop, implement, and regularly evaluate this program.



    RCW 28A.85.020
    WAC 180-16-240(2D)
    WAC 392-190-015, SHB 456

    Student raises hand while teacher talks to class