Juanita Elementary Affirmation Mirror

Strong kids begin with strong minds. That's why Jordan McClellion at Juanita Elementary is nurturing her students to see the best in themselves through the "affirmation mirror" station.

Redmond, Wash. - Lake Washington School District is planning three ballot measures for the February 8, 2022 election. The measures are a replacement of the existing Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy, a replacement of the existing School Technology and Capital Levy, and a Building Excellence Capital levy. A recommendation was presented to the Board of Directors on October 4, and they formally approved the levies at their October 18 board meeting.



    Curriculum Guides/Course Outlines

    File: IFE

    Student Learning Objectives

    The mission of the district is to provide learning experiences which shall assist students to develop basic skills, competencies and attitudes. To facilitate the attainment of this goal, a program of student learning objectives in all courses of study included in the school district programs shall be developed and implemented. Review of such learning objectives shall be included as part of the self-study process.

    Courses of Study

    There is available to each teacher, state, county, and district curriculum guides. These are to be used as guides insofar as subject fields are concerned and in the organizing of course content or placement of specific projects. Teachers are asked to acquaint themselves with the guides for their particular level as well as those for the grades preceding and following their own.



    RCW 28A.58.085
    RCW 28A.58.090
    RCW 28A.100.010-.026

    Curriculum Adoption (IFD)

    Student raises hand while teacher talks to class