Tesla STEM - Bhowal and Porwal

Two rising seniors from Nikola Tesla STEM High School (Tesla STEM) used mapping to tackle an important issue for a local endangered species. Siddhant Porwal and Druhin Bhowal brought awareness to the Southern Resident Orca Whale (SROW) population decline through state and national ArcGIS mapping competitions.



    Community Use of School Facilities

    File: KG

    The public schools are owned and operated by and for their patrons. To ensure that the schools become an integral part of the community, the Lake Washington School District shall encourage community groups to use school facilities and shall cooperate with park departments and other governmental agencies to run community programs in school facilities.

    School sponsored activities shall have first priority, cities and other governmental agencies with whom the district has a joint-use interlocal agreement shall have second priority, non-profit youth organization residing within the Lake Washington School District shall have third priority, non-profit adult organizations residing in the Lake Washington School District shall have fourth priority, other non-profit organizations shall have fifth priority and private and commercial groups the last priority. The right to authorize use of school facilities shall be retained by the board and/or the superintendent through the appointed unit administrators consistent with this policy and such implementing regulations as the superintendent may issue.

    Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization nor the purposes they represent.

    Groups wishing to use district facilities for public activities must ensure that accommodations are available to provide access to individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in the activity or program. Users may request consultation and/or services from the district in providing special accommodations to disabled persons. Disabled persons should contact the group leader no later than three (3) days before the activity so that special arrangements can be made.



    RCW 28A.335.150
    RCW 28A.320.510
    AGO 1973 No. 26
    American's with Disabilities Act of 1990

    Rental & Service Charges (DFD)
    Limited Open Forum (IGDAA)
    Community Use of School Facilities (KG-R) (regulation)
    Tobacco-Free Environment (KGC)
    Relations with Governmental Authorities (KN)
    Relations with Park Authorities (KNAH)

    A community volunteer works with an elementary school student