Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Communicable Diseases (JHCC)

    Communicable Diseases

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    Infectious and Communicable Diseases

    Any child enrolled in Lake Washington School District who contracts a communicable disease shall not attend classes or school functions until the "period of communicability" has passed. "Period of communicability" is that period of time in which the infected child can pass the condition on to another person. The times and means for communicability shall be determined by those standards set by the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

    The district shall require that the parents or guardians of all children enrolled in school shall complete a medical history form including information pertaining to the incidence of exposure to communicable diseases in accordance with the current SPI Infectious Disease Control Guide. The nurse or school physician may use such reports to advise the parent of the need for further medical attention and to plan for the management of potential health problems in school.

    The board authorizes the school principal to exclude any student who has been diagnosed by a physician or is suspected of having an infectious disease listed in and in accordance with the Infectious Disease Control Guide. Upon request of the parent or guardian for reconsideration of exclusion of a student afflicted with a communicable/infectious disease, the superintendent or his/her designee shall, in cooperation with local public health officials, review the case and decide whether school attendance poses a risk to the infected student or his/her classmates or staff. The review may include consultations with the student's parents, the student' physician and/or a physician of the district's choice.

    The board also authorizes the superintendent or his/her designee to provide training to all district employees regarding bloodborne pathogens as required and in accordance with current Washington Industrial Safety & Health Act (WISHA) and Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) standards.



    RCW 70.24.290
    RCW 70.24.105
    WAC 246-100
    WAC 246-110
    WAC 392-198

    Health Education (IGAE)
    Staff Immunization & Infectious/Communicable Diseases (GBEC)

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