Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

    File: IGD

    Extracurricular activities are an integral part of school life and often require as much careful planning and supervision as the academic subjects. However, care must be taken that these activities do not take precedence in importance over the subject matter areas, but remain in the position of supplementing the actual course of study.

    Eligibility to Represent the School
    All pupils elected to student offices, or who represent their schools in extra-curricular activities, shall have and maintain good citizenship records, both in and out of school. Any pupil who does not maintain a good citizenship record shall not be allowed to represent his/her fellow students nor the schools for a period of time recommended by his/her principal, but in no case, except when approved by the Board of Directors, shall the time exceed twelve calendar months.

    Whenever or wherever held, when conducted under the name of the school or school district or any class or organization thereof, extracurricular activities shall be under the general supervision of the school authorities.

    Extracurricular groups shall not be secret in nature.

    All activities affiliated with the school shall be open to all students of that school without regard to race, color, or national origin.

    Cosponsorship of Student Activities
    The school district may cosponsor student activities with community organizations provided that: (a) such activities strengthen existing school activities or provide a needed activity to meet district goals, and (b) that such organizations in their cosponsorship observe open meeting practices, nondiscrimination, and other requirements set forth by law, policy, and regulations governing this school district.

    The superintendent is authorized to establish regulations for the implementation of cosponsorship with individual organizations.



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    Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities (IGD-R) (regulation)
    IGD subcodes, all relate to student activities
    School-Community Relations Goals (KA)

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