Holocaust art contest

Nearly 600 students in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska put together inspiring work at this year’s Holocaust Center for Humanity (HCH) contest. Out of all those entries, four Nikola Tesla STEM High School students placed in the top three. This year’s “Celebrating Life: 2022 Holocaust Writing, Art, and Film Contest,” put on by HCH, challenges students to explore the history and stories of the Holocaust. 



    Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse by Students (JFCH/JFCI)

    Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse by Students

    File: JFCH/JFCI

    Drug Abuse Symptoms

      1. A student appearing at school or at a school-sponsored activity demonstrating behavior which might indicate drug ingestion, or who admits to a school person that he/she has taken drugs, should be treated as in a potentially very hazardous situation. The student in question then, for his/her own protection, should be removed from contact with other students and placed under the care of a designated adult at school.
      2. The parents should be notified that the student is exhibiting symptoms that may need medical attention.
      3. If parents cannot be reached, the school administrator may contact the student's physician or his/her designated alternate.
      4. The student known to have been taking drugs should not return to school except on advice of competent medical authority. The situation might be handled as any other problem which requires medical clearance for a student's return to school.



    RCW 28A.120.030 through 28A.120.050

    Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco (IGAG)

    A group of students sing at an assembly