Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Admission of Nonresident Students

    File: JECB

    Any student who resides outside the district may apply to attend a school in the district. All applications for nonresident attendance will be considered on an equal basis. The district shall provide information on interdistrict enrollment policies to nonresidents on request and have copies of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's annual information booklet on enrollment options in the state available for public inspection at each school building, the central office and local public libraries.

    A parent or guardian shall apply for admission on behalf of his or her child by completing the appropriate district application. The superintendent shall develop an application form which contains information including, but not limited to, the current legal residence of the child and the school district in which he or she is currently enrolled, the basis for requesting release from the resident district and the specific building and grade level (elementary) or course offerings (secondary) in which the student desires to be enrolled if accepted by the district.

    The superintendent will accept or reject an application for nonresident admission based upon the following standards:

      1. Whether space is available in schools and/or programs at the grade level or in classes in which the student desires to be enrolled,
      2. Whether appropriate educational programs or services are available to improve the student's condition as stated in requesting release from his or her district of residence, and
      3. Whether the student's attendance in the district is likely to create a risk to the health or safety of other students or staff.

    A student who resides in a district that does not operate a secondary program shall be permitted to enroll in secondary schools in this district in accordance with state law and regulation relating to the financial responsibility of the resident district.

    A student who has dropped out of high school for six weeks or longer, or has returned from participation in a substance abuse treatment program, or is about to become or is a teen parent, or has returned from hospitalization due to a mental health problem may attend high school in the district regardless of residence. Such a student may be admitted provided that appropriate educational programs are available to accommodate the needs of the student.

    The superintendent or designee shall provide in a timely manner all applicants with written notification of the approval or denial of the application. If the student is to be admitted, the superintendent shall notify the resident district and make necessary arrangements for the transfer of student records. The final decision of the district to deny the admission of a nonresident student may be appealed to the superintendent of public instruction or his or her designee in accordance with state law.



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    School Admissions Enrollment & Attendance Records (JEC)

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