Boundaries updated to reduce overcrowding

Redmond, Wash. – This fall, a boundary committee will be convened to analyze and make recommendations for the attendance areas of the schools affected by current/potential overcrowding in the Lake Washington area.



    Administering Medicines to Students

    File: JHCD-R

    In the event there exists a valid health reason which makes the administration of oral medication to a student advisable during school hours or the hours in which the student is under the supervision of school officials, the following procedures shall apply. Medication is defined as all prescription or over-the-counter drugs/medication.

      1. Any medication to be administered to a student by an employee must be requested and authorized in writing by:
        (a) a parent or legal guardian and
        (b) a physician or dentist
        if the request is for more than 14 days. Form 4023 (JHCD-E) shall be used for this purpose.
      2. Such request and authorization shall be effective for the current school year only unless a shorter period is specified.
      3. Medication may be administered by school nurses or any employee trained and supervised by a school nurse in proper medication-administration procedures.
      4. Before administering any medication, the school nurse or other employee authorized under #3 above shall determine that medication is in the original pharmacy or manufacturer's container, labeled (Form 4023B) (JHCD-E) or pharmacy label, if available, with the following information:
        • Name of student
        • Name of medication
        • Dosage, mode, and time of administration
        • Name of physician prescribing medication
      5. No medication shall be administered until it is determined that the medication dosage conforms with the direction and authority from the parent and physician.
      6. Non-prescription medication must be in the original retail container.
      7. All medication including "legend drugs" must be kept in a secure, central location as determined by the school nurse.
      8. The administration of any dose of medication must be recorded on an individual medication log sheet (Form 4023A), see JHCD-E.
      9. The administration of medication to any student may be discontinued during the period for which it has been prescribed, provided a parent or legal guardian is given oral or written notice in advance of the date of discontinuance.


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