Lake Washington School District jointly with the Lake Washington Education Association are releasing pertinent information and details related to secondary educational offerings for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  

The District and Association have a shared agreement that secondary students need to be offered access to in-person experiences. Dr. Holmen stated, “We need to ensure that any secondary student who wants an in-person experience is afforded that opportunity.” He went on to say, “Our adolescent youth are experiencing this pandemic in many different ways. We need to be responsive to those needs and be creative in how we address the varying needs across our district.” 


Lake Washington School District jointly with Lake Washington Education Association are excited to release pertinent details for the second through fifth grades elementary learning model transition to in-person or continued remote learning services. We happily welcomed kindergarten and first grade on February 18. Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent stated, “We appreciate the partnership with all stakeholders to successfully transition our Kindergarten and First grade students to their new learning models. We are grateful to be able to provide both in-person and remote learning services for our students.” Dr. Holmen went on to say, “As a District we continue to be committed to the highest of health and safety standards for our students and staff.”

Scholastic Art & Writing Award logo

Lake Washington School District (LWSD) students have always excelled in art and writing, and this year is no different. Thirty-five LWSD students were recognized during this year’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Between all the LWSD schools that participated, students earned 10 gold keys, 19 silver keys and 33 honorable mentions.



    Superintendent Message - January 2021

    Dr. Jon Holmen

    Volunteerism and giving during challenging times:

    Amid the most challenging times, the human spirit of giving can be found in unique places. 

    All of us have constant access to hear about the difficulties and struggles within our communities, across our country and across the world. The noise of the challenges can so often overshadow the goodness that is around us. I want to take a moment to recognize some of the selfless acts, volunteerism and giving that are happening right here within our community.

    I am so fortunate to work with our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) council leaders. This group of volunteers represent the commitment of our community to provide support for the learners in our school district. It is without question that when a challenge arises, our PTA, PTSA and PTO always ask how they can help. This offer of help is always genuine and acted upon with the intention of making the conditions and experiences for our students and families better, more connected and more engaging. We are fortunate to have parent organizations across our district that are so dedicated, and that dedication is being highlighted during these challenging times.

    As a public-school system, we are governed by an elected board of directors. The Lake Washington School Board is a group of community members that volunteer significant time, knowledge and expertise to provide excellence in governance for our great district. Our School Board is committed to ensuring that our policies and direction are focused on every student. Their work to ensure we are continuously improving allows us to address historical inequities and work towards excellence.

    Our team in the Opportunity, Equity, and Inclusion Department have been committed to supporting our communities throughout the pandemic. There are so many examples of giving and commitment from this team. They work to support families who are experiencing food insecurity by engaging in local food drives and helping students/families access resources for food and services. This team continues to find ways to support families in need within our school district.

    There is goodness within our community, and I am glad to be able to recognize just a few examples for us to appreciate. Thank you for taking the time to do good for those around you.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Jon Holmen
    Lake Washington School District