Superintendent Message - February 2018

    February 13 Election Update

    Dr. Traci Pierce, Superintendent

    Dear Lake Washington Families,

    February 13 election night results are in. Over 50% of Lake Washington School District voters approved both the Educational Programs and Operations Levy and the Capital Projects Levy. This means that both levies are passing! We are grateful and pleased with the support from our community. As a result, we will be able to continue to provide high quality educational programs and staff; technology access; and warm, safe, and dry facilities for our students and staff.

    While over 50% of voters also approved the bond measure, sadly, it is not passing. Bonds require 60% voter approval to pass.

    Had it passed, the bond measure would have funded new school buildings and classroom space we need to accommodate our growing student enrollment. Lake Washington is rapidly growing by about 700 students per year. All of our students need a place to learn, and funding for school construction must come from the local community. The state does not provide districts with funding for school buildings and classrooms.

    In 2015, a Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force developed a recommendation for the building projects needed to accommodate district growth. A series of four bond measures were to provide funding for the projects. The first of the four planned bond measures passed in 2016, and a number of construction projects are underway as a result. The February 13 bond measure was the second of the four planned bond measures.

    Since this bond did not pass, we will need to work to develop a plan to move forward. All of our students still need a place to learn. In 2015, The Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force developed recommendations for alternate scenarios and options if the district could not garner enough community support for bond measures. In the months ahead, the Board of Directors and I will analyze different scenarios and options to ensure that all of our students have a place to learn.

    While the 2018 bond measure did not pass, we remain committed to providing our students with the best educational experiences possible. Again, we are grateful and pleased that our levies are passing!

    I know that many parents and community members worked very hard to support the measures. Thank you for all your effort, dedication, and ongoing commitment to Lake Washington and our students.


    Dr. Traci Pierce, Superintendent
    Lake Washington School District