Superintendent Message - October 2020

Dr. Jon Holmen

Annually, October is recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Our children, aside from remote learning, have a higher level of access and opportunity to potentially explore and communicate through digital applications, wireless phones, internet browsers, and video game consoles. As a parent, it feels like a never-ending journey to set and maintain appropriate boundaries and safeguards. It is an important part of parenting today to maintain diligence and persistence related to the online content and spaces being frequented by our children.

As adults, we are also at risk of falling victim to a cyber-security breech or hack. Our continued vigilance and awareness can keep us and our families safe from those seeking to harm us in the digital world. Common sense strategies that each of us need to keep in the forefront of our minds to maintain a safe digital profile is to be aware of phishing attempts in email, use strong passwords, and keep all software and applications current with the most recent security components. Washington State Attorney General provides advice for “Keeping the Web Safer for Everyone” by promoting the concepts of (1) Keeping a clean machine, (2) Protecting your personal information, (3) Connecting with care, (4) Be web wise, and (5) Be a good online citizen. 

The District has adopted the Digital Citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media is a resource for families and school districts. The topics covered within this curriculum provide a framework for students to positively and safely participate in digital spaces and are taught at all levels. Topics covered in the curriculum:

  • Media Balance & Well Being
  • Privacy & Security
  • Digital Footprint & Identity
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech
  • News & Media Literacy

Resources for all Ages:

I encourage you to spend time with your children reviewing cyber-safety tips as they learn to become responsible digital citizens.

Thank you,

Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent