Back to School Message

Dr. Jon Holmen

The excitement that comes with a new school year is something I look forward to annually. The excitement of a young scholar starting school as a preschool or Kindergarten student for the first time in Lake Washington, a sixth grade student starting middle school, an incoming freshman beginning the last phase of their K-12 journey, and our seniors starting their last school year before moving onto their next phase of life.
Each of these moments comes with great emotion for students, families, staff and the overall community. This year, our start will look and feel different. I am encouraging all of us to take the opportunity to reach out to a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or a peer to welcome them to the 2020-21 school year. While we won’t be together in the schoolhouse that does not change the fact that we are all interconnected across our 76 square mile district. Whether students are learning in Sammamish, Redmond or Kirkland; We are Lake Washington School District. We are a diverse community, and we all have a responsibility to each other as members of our greater community.
More than ever I want to stress the importance of kindness, acceptance, empathy and grace. Each of us has been affected by the global health crisis differently. As an organization, we are acutely aware of the challenges that many in our community have faced and are currently facing. As a leadership team, we are taking every action possible to advocate for funding and supports that will provide real-time help to our community as well as long-term support that will all us to return to in-person experiences when conditions allow. As we start this year; we must be thoughtful and considerate of those around us and, particularly, those that have been most impacted by COVID-19. Our kindness, acceptance, empathy and grace allow us to create stronger community bonds while possibly allowing those around us the space to work through their difficulties.
I wish you the best as we start the 2020-21 school year.

Dr. Jon Holmen, Superintendent